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Lightweight Rowing Boats by Carol Williams Crew Lists -- 1980s photos

Photos from the 1980s

 1980 Blue Boat



1984 Blue Boat with cox Jimmie Daboo



1985 Blue Boat with Mike Spracklen and Roger Silk

1985BB Roger MikeSpracklen2a


1985 Blondie crew, at Henley

1985 Blondie - sitting at Henley


1985 Blondie crew, after restart as Osiris clashed blades and broke number four's oar - chunk missing at the top just visible.

1985 Blondie - racing after restart


1985 Blondie crew, racing, showing 4, 5 and 6.

1985 Blondie - racing - 4 5 and 6


1989 Blue Boat, balancing with arms out.