Cambridge University Women's Boat Club 1941 - 2014

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Here you can find links to historic photos and links to videos from the history of the club.  Most of the photos are grouped on webpages by decade, and accessed using the following links:

1940s photos

1950s photos

1960s photos

1970s photos

1980s photos

1990s photos

2000s photos

2010s photos

Below are some additional photos of trophies and kit which may be of general interest.


The original trophy for the winner of the women's boat race between Cambridge and Oxford universities which was presented by Miss Betty Francombe in 1936.  It is now used as the trophy for the Victor Ludorum of the women's boat races.




This is the presentation shield for the women's boat race, which John Marks had made when the Francombe Cup went missing.



1971 Tuttle Cup:

1971CW Tuttle Cup DSCF5806



These are the shorts worn by Ruth Bonney, who rowed for the club 1953-6 and  was elected president in 1955 but had to withdraw from the role on the advice of her tutors. In the mid 1950s her shorts were still Newnham brown - and were tailored by Bodgers.





These elegant rowing shorts with reinforced seat were worn by Marian Deakin who rowed and coxed for the club in the early 1970s. The pale (not Cambridge) blue top from the same period was worn by Jane Wood, who rowed with Marian.




 1973 CUWBC half blue scarf (from Elizabeth Rounce, nee Smith)

1973CUWscarf ElizabethRounce


1973 Blue Jacket (from Elizabeth Rounce, nee Smith)

1973Blue jacket ElizabethRounce



1987 Blondie Scarves, worn by Annamarie Phelps and Cate Elwood

Annamarie&Cate Blondie scarves






The Newton Trophy designed by Rod Kelley and presented for the first time in 2014 seen here with the two presidents Esther Momcilovic from Cambridge and Maxie Scheske from Oxford