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Crews 1970s:

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BB = Blue Boat;  Bl = Blondie.

1970 BB, 2nd IV

1971 BB (IV)

1972 BB

1973 BB

1974 BB

1975 BB, 2nd VIII

1976 BB, BL

1977 BB, BL

1978 BB, BL

1979 BB, BL


YEAR: 1969-70

President: Susan E. Carter (New Hall)

Hon. Secretary: Jane Stiff (New Hall)

Date of races: 11th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        comfortably


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Susan Read (Newnham)

2: Fiona Langham (New Hall)

3: Marian Deakin (Newnham)

4: Jenny Heap (Newnham)

5: Pat Fosh (University)

6: Susan Carter (New Hall)

7: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Stroke: Jane Stiff (New Hall)

Cox: Susan Murray (Newnham)


Coaches: Mike Proctor (Trinity), Chris Baron and Euan Nisbett




YEAR 1969-70

Date of races: 11th March at Oxford

Result: Oxford              easily


Crew: Second IV


Bow: Dawn Farber (New Hall)

2: Zuraina Majeed (New Hall)

3: Jane Wood (New Hall)

Stroke: Eva Kolouchova (New Hall)

Cox:  Susan Murray (Newnham?)






YEAR: 1970-1

President:   Jenny J Heap (Newnham) – died Feb 1971.

Hon. Secretary: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Date of race: 12th March at Cambridge

Oxford was unable to produce an VIII and forfeited the race. A IV was rowed in its place. The race was won by Cambridge.


Crew: Blue Boat (IV)


Bow:  Jane Wood (New Hall)

2: Helen McFie (Darwin)

3: Pat Fosh (Wolfson)

Stroke: Fiona Langham (New Hall)

Cox: Biddy Buchanan-Lee (New Hall)


Coach: John Olley (LMBC)




YEAR: 1971-2

President:   Helen McFie (Darwin)

Hon. Secretary: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Date of races: 6th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        by 3 lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Carol Williams (Darwin)

2: Margaret Budden (New Hall)

3: Jane Wood (New Hall)

4: Linda Cartmill (Newnham)

5: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

6: Helen McFie (Darwin)

7: Pat Fosh (Wolfson)

Stroke: Ros J. Wood (Girton)

Cox: Marian Deakin (Newnham)


Coaches: David Dodge Thompson (LMBC), Robert Northridge (LMBC)




YEAR 1972-3

President: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Sue Wrenn

Treasurer: Laura Smith?

Date of races: Thursday 12th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge        in 4 mins 7 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Catti Moss (Newnham)

2: Sally Visick (Newnham)

3: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

4: Sue Wrenn (Newnham)

5: Caroline Fletcher (Girton)

6: Sue Clarke (Newnham)

7: Jane Kingsbury (New Hall)

Stroke: Liz Smith (Girton)

Cox: Laura Smith (Newnham)


Coaches: David Maxwell, Graham Zanker, Jamie McLeod and Will Drake



YEAR 1973-4

President: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Sue Wrenn

Date of races: Friday 15th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        by 1/2 length       in 4 mins 8 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Catti Moss (Newnham)

2: Celia Duff (Clare)                         

3: Lorna Montgomerie  (Churchill)

4: Sue Wrenn (Newnham)

5: Nicola Boyes (Clare)

6: Sarah Haley (Clare)

7: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Stroke: Sue Clarke (Newnham)

Cox: Helen Swallow (Churchill)


Coaches: Will Drake and Jamie McLeod.




YEAR 1974-5

President:   Sue Clarke (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary:

Date of races: 13th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge   by approx. 5 lengths/17 secs      in 4 mins 27 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Emily Ingenhousz (New Hall)

2        Janey Huber (New Hall)

3:       Nicola Boyes (Clare)

4:       Sue Clarke (Newnham)

5:       Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)

6:       Celia Duff (Clare)

7:       Catherine Moss (Newnham)

Stroke: Sally Visick (Newnham)

Cox:  Helen Swallow (Churchill)


Coaches: John Gillbe, Peter Kingston, Ben Duncan and Jeremy Hazzledine (Clare)




YEAR 1974-5

Date of races: 13th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge       by approx 7 lengths/22 seconds    in 5 mins

Crew: Second VIII

Bow:    Barbara Seeley                                    

2:                                                         College:

3:                                                         College:

4:                                                         College:

5:                                                         College:

6:                                                         College:

7:                                                         College:

Stroke:                                                College:

Cox:     Pamela Harling                    College:






YEAR 1975-6

President: Janey Huber (New Hall)  non rowing president

Captain: Kathy Brayshaw

Hon. Secretary: Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)

Date of races: Friday 11th March   at Oxford

Result: Oxford     by 1 length/ ¾ length   over 900 metres   by 3 seconds


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)

2: Geraldine McNeil (Newnham)                                                      

3: Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)                                                        

4: Louise Neville (New Hall)                                          

5: Karen Morton (Newnham)                                                   :

6: Pauline Wald (Newnham)                                                   

7: Katherine Brayshaw (Clare)                                               

Stroke: Melanie Hansen (Wolfson)                              

Cox: Deborah Halton (Newnham) 


Squad coaches: Tony Wilson (Jesus boatman),   Matthew Rockel (LMBC l/w pres), Keith Jeffery (LMBC), Ian Fleming (LMBC) and John Gleave




YEAR 1975-6

Date of races: Friday 11th March   at Oxford

Result: Blondie by 3 lengths


Crew: Blondie (first year with this title)


Bow:  Eleanor Sharpston (King’s)

2: Kathrin Wakerly (Clare)

3: Anna Jorgensen (New Hall)

4: Rachael Scarth (King’s)

5: Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

6: Nerys Jones (New Hall)

7: Laura Rham (New Hall)

Stroke: Hazel Robinson (Newnham)

Cox:  Barbara A. Seeley (Girton)


Coaches: Janey Huber (New Hall), Alan Kerr (LMBC), Mike Chapman (LMBC), Ian Fleming (LMBC) and John Cutler (Sidney Sussex)




YEAR 1976-7

President:   Kathy Brayshaw (Clare)

Hon. Secretary: Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

Date of races: 20th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge        by ¾ length/2 seconds         in 3 min 17 sec.s


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

2 Kathrin Wakerly (Clare)

3: Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)

4: Fiona Morrison (Selwyn)                                                     

5: Pat Harkness (Newnham)

6: Alison Morris (New Hall)

7: Kathy Brayshaw (Clare)

Stroke: Rachael Scarth (King’s)                                   

Cox: Susan Weldon (Churchill)


Squad coaches: Peter Summers (Clare and Sec of CUBC l/w), Matthew Rockel, Robert Watson (LMBC), Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)  and Mike Longford




YEAR 1976-7

Date of races: 20th March at Henley

Result: Blondie       by 4 lengths and 11 seconds       in 3min 36 sec


Crew: Blondie


Bow:  Charlotte Carey (Selwyn)

2: Louise Forward (King’s)

3: Eleanor Sharpston (King’s)

4: Shirley Payne (Clare)

5: Alison Clough (Clare)

6: Joanna Perry (Churchill)

7: Nita Krevins (Clare)

Stroke: Joanne Keith (New Hall)

Cox: June Hannan (New Hall)


Coaches: John Hartley (LMBC) Peter Jones (Clare) James Watson (Downing)




YEAR 1977-8

President:   Rachael Scarth (King’s)

Hon. Secretary: Pat Harkness (Newnham)

Treasurer: Johanne Keith (New Hall)

Date of races: 18th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge       by 5 lengths        in 3 min 16 secs


Crew: Blue Boat  


Bow:  Barbara Heron (Churchill)

2: Laura Rham (New Hall)

3: Rachael Scarth (King’s)

4: Fiona Morrison (Selwyn)

5: Susan Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

6: Joanna Perry (Churchill)  

7: Patricia C. Harkness (Newnham)

Stroke: Johanne Keith (New Hall)

Cox:  Mark Mills (Churchill): first male cox


Squad coaches: Monca Fisher, Pennt Chiter, Len Andrews, John  Baker, P/R? Watson (LMBC), H Warren (Trinity Hall), John Hartley (LMBC), C. Moss (CS Ladies RC), A. Clark-Kennedy (Corpus/Leander), J Gleave (LMBC) and J Langfield (Eton College)




YEAR 1977-8

Date of races: 18th March at Henley

Result: Blondie        by 2 ½ lengths


Crew: Blondie


Bow: B. Helen Stoddart (Clare)      

2: Kerrie Bigsworth (Wolfson)

3: Christina Franklin (Selwyn)

4: Penelope Sweet (Clare)

5: Ailsa Borthwick (Girton)

6: Caroline Whalley (Selwyn)

7: Charlotte Carey (Selwyn)

Stroke: Ruth Wall (Girton)

Cox: Susan Harris (New Hall)


Spare: Anne Stebbing (Girton)

Squad coaches: T. D. Wyatt (Jesus), H. Williams (Trinity Hall), L. Poos (Trinity), P. Jones (Clare), R/P? Summers (Clare) and C Moss (CS Ladies RC)




YEAR 1978-9

President: Fiona J. Morrison  (Selwyn)

Hon. Secretary: Susan Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

Date of races: 11th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge        by 2 lengths        in 5mins 51 secs     over 2000 metres?


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Lesley K. Mayo (Sidney Sussex)

2: Ailsa Borthwick (Girton)

3: Helen M. Boutwood (Newnham)

4: Caroline B. A. Whalley (Selwyn)

5: Fiona J. Morrison (Selwyn)

6: Penelope M. Sweet (Clare)

7: Alison M. Thomas (Clare)

Stroke: Susan J. Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

Cox: Lyn M. Goleby (Sidney Sussex)


Squad coaches: Ken Simons, Alec Clark-Kennedy (Corpus/Leander), John Gleeve, Ali Jelfs and Neil Burnet




YEAR 1978-9

Date of races: 11th March at Henley

Result: Blondie       by 1 length       over 2000 metres


Crew: Blondie


Bow:  Rosalind Smyth (Clare)

2: Rosalind Roden (New Hall)

3: Pauline Cahill (Girton)

4: Ingrid Halfyard (Girton)

5: Jayne Carr (Girton)

6: Cherith Simpson (Clare)

7: Daphne Morgan (Girton)

Stroke: Rachel Amherst (New Hall)

Cox:  Jocelyn Buxton (Clare)


Squad coaches: N. M. Jones, T. D. Wyatt, J. J. Haydn-Williams, A. J. Morris,

L. R. Poos, P. R. Summers