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Crews 1970s:

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BB = Blue Boat;  Bl = Blondie.

1970 BB, 2nd IV

1971 BB (IV)

1972 BB

1973 BB

1974 BB, 2nd IV

1975 BB, 2nd VIII

1976 BB, Bl

1977 BB, Bl

1978 BB, Bl

1979 BB, Bl


YEAR: 1969-70

President: Susan E. Carter (New Hall)

Hon. Secretary: Jane Stiff (New Hall)

Date of races: 11th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        comfortably


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Susan Read (Newnham)

2: Fiona Langham (New Hall)

3: Marian Deakin (Newnham)

4: Jenny Heap (Newnham)

5: Pat Fosh (University)

6: Susan Carter (New Hall)

7: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Stroke: Jane Stiff (New Hall)

Cox: Susan Murray (Newnham)


Coaches: Mike Proctor (Trinity), Chris Baron and Euan Nisbett




YEAR 1969-70

Date of races: 11th March at Oxford

Result: Oxford              easily


Crew: Second IV


Bow: Dawn Farber (New Hall)

2: Zuraina Majeed (New Hall)

3: Jane Wood (New Hall)

Stroke: Eva Kolouchova (New Hall)

Cox:  Susan Murray (Newnham?)






YEAR: 1970-1

President:   Jenny J Heap (Newnham) – died Feb 1971.

Hon. Secretary: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Date of race: 12th March at Cambridge

Oxford was unable to produce an VIII and forfeited the race. A IV was rowed in its place. The race was won by Cambridge.


Crew: Blue Boat (IV)


Bow:  Jane Wood (New Hall)

2: Helen McFie (Darwin)

3: Pat Fosh (Wolfson)

Stroke: Fiona Langham (New Hall)

Cox: Biddy Buchanan-Lee (New Hall)


Coach: John Olley (LMBC)




YEAR: 1971-2

President:   Helen McFie (Darwin)

Hon. Secretary: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

Date of races: 6th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        by 3 lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Carol Williams (Darwin)

2: Margaret Budden (New Hall)

3: Jane Wood (New Hall)

4: Linda Cartmill (Newnham)

5: Lina Talbot (Newnham)

6: Helen McFie (Darwin)

7: Pat Fosh (Wolfson)

Stroke: Ros J. Wood (Girton)

Cox: Marian Deakin (Newnham)


Coaches: David Dodge Thompson (LMBC), Robert Northridge (LMBC)




YEAR 1972-3

President: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Sue Wrenn

Treasurer: Laura Smith?

Date of races: Thursday 12th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge        in 4 mins 7 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Catti Moss (Newnham)

2: Sally Visick (Newnham)

3: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

4: Sue Wrenn (Newnham)

5: Caroline Fletcher (Girton)

6: Sue Clarke (Newnham)

7: Jane Kingsbury (New Hall)

Stroke: Liz Smith (Girton)

Cox: Laura Smith (Newnham)


Coaches: David Maxwell, Graham Zanker, Jamie McLeod and Will Drake



YEAR 1973-4

President: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Sue Wrenn

Date of races: Friday 15th March at Oxford

Result: Cambridge        by 1/2 length       in 4 mins 8 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Catti Moss (Newnham)

2: Celia Duff (Clare)

3: Lorna Montgomerie  (Churchill)

4: Sue Wrenn (Newnham)

5: Nicola Boyes (Clare)

6: Sarah Harley (Clare)

7: Vicky Markham (Newnham)

Stroke: Sue Clarke (Newnham)

Cox: Helen Swallow (Churchill)


Coaches: Will Drake and Jamie McLeod.



YEAR 1973-4

Result: Cambridge won


Crew: Second IV


Bow:  Rosie Johnston (Churchill)

2: M McKechrine (Churchill)

3: Barbara Key (Churchill)

Stroke: Isabel Waghorne (Churchill)

Cox: Pam Harling (Newnham)






YEAR 1974-5

President:   Sue Clarke (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary:

Date of races: 13th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge   by approx. 5 lengths/17 secs      in 4 mins 27 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: Emily Ingenhousz (New Hall)

2: Janey Huber (New Hall)

3: Nicola Boyes (Clare)

4: Sue Clarke (Newnham)

5: Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)

6: Celia Duff (Clare)

7: Catherine Moss (Newnham)

Stroke: Sally Visick (Newnham)

Cox: Helen Swallow (Churchill)


Coaches: John Gillbe, Peter Kingston, Ben Duncan and Jeremy Hazzledine (Clare)




YEAR 1974-5

Date of races: 13th March at Cambridge

Result: Cambridge       by approx 7 lengths/22 seconds    in 5 mins

Crew: Second VIII

Bow: Barbara Seeley (Girton)

2: Shirley Payne (Clare)

3: Kathy Brayshaw (Clare)

4: L Barnes (Clare)

5: Karen Morton (Newnham)

6: Rosie Johnston (Churchill)

7: Barbara Key (Churchill)

Stroke: S Norcross (Newnham)

Cox: Pam Harling (Newnham)






YEAR 1975-6

President: Janey Huber (New Hall)  non rowing president

Captain: Kathy Brayshaw

Hon. Secretary: Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)

Date of races: Friday 11th March   at Oxford

Result: Oxford     by 1 length/ ¾ length   over 900 metres   by 3 seconds


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)

2: Geraldine McNeil (Newnham)

3: Elizabeth Driver (Newnham)

4: Louise Neville (New Hall)

5: Karen Morton (Newnham)

6: Pauline Wald (Newnham)

7: Katherine Brayshaw (Clare)

Stroke: Melanie Hansen (Wolfson)

Cox: Deborah Halton (Newnham) 


Squad coaches: Tony Wilson (Jesus boatman),   Matthew Rockel (LMBC l/w pres), Keith Jeffery (LMBC), Ian Fleming (LMBC) and John Gleave




YEAR 1975-6

Date of races: Friday 11th March   at Oxford

Result: Blondie by 3 lengths


Crew: Blondie (first year with this title)


Bow:  Eleanor Sharpston (King’s)

2: Kathrin Wakerly (Clare)

3: Anna Jorgensen (New Hall)

4: Rachael Scarth (King’s)

5: Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

6: Nerys Jones (New Hall)

7: Laura Rham (New Hall)

Stroke: Hazel Robinson (Newnham)

Cox:  Barbara A. Seeley (Girton)


Coaches: Janey Huber (New Hall), Alan Kerr (LMBC), Mike Chapman (LMBC), Ian Fleming (LMBC) and John Cutler (Sidney Sussex)




YEAR 1976-7

President:   Kathy Brayshaw (Clare)

Hon. Secretary: Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

Date of races: 20th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge        by ¾ length/2 seconds         in 3 min 17 sec.s


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: Priscilla Williams (New Hall)

2: Kathrin Wakerly (Clare)

3: Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)

4: Fiona Morrison (Selwyn)

5: Pat Harkness (Newnham)

6: Alison Morris (New Hall)

7: Kathy Brayshaw (Clare)

Stroke: Rachael Scarth (King’s)

Cox: Susan Weldon (Churchill)


Squad coaches: Peter Summers (Clare and Sec of CUBC l/w), Matthew Rockel, Robert Watson (LMBC), Anita Crafts-Lighty (Churchill)  and Mike Longford




YEAR 1976-7

Date of races: 20th March at Henley

Result: Blondie       by 4 lengths and 11 seconds       in 3min 36 sec


Crew: Blondie


Bow: Charlotte Carey (Selwyn)

2: Louise Forward (King’s)

3: Eleanor Sharpston (King’s)

4: Shirley Payne (Clare)

5: Alison Clough (Clare)

6: Joanna Perry (Churchill)

7: Nita Krevins (Clare)

Stroke: Joanne Keith (New Hall)

Cox: June Hannan (New Hall)


Coaches: John Hartley (LMBC) Peter Jones (Clare) James Watson (Downing)




YEAR 1977-8

President:   Rachael Scarth (King’s)

Hon. Secretary: Pat Harkness (Newnham)

Treasurer: Johanne Keith (New Hall)

Date of races: 18th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge       by 5 lengths        in 3 min 16 secs


Crew: Blue Boat  


Bow:  Barbara Heron (Churchill)

2: Laura Rham (New Hall)

3: Rachael Scarth (King’s)

4: Fiona Morrison (Selwyn)

5: Susan Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

6: Joanna Perry (Churchill)  

7: Patricia C. Harkness (Newnham)

Stroke: Johanne Keith (New Hall)

Cox:  Mark Mills (Churchill): first male cox


Squad coaches: Monca Fisher, Pennt Chiter, Len Andrews, John  Baker, P/R? Watson (LMBC), H Warren (Trinity Hall), John Hartley (LMBC), C. Moss (CS Ladies RC), A. Clark-Kennedy (Corpus/Leander), J Gleave (LMBC) and J Langfield (Eton College)




YEAR 1977-8

Date of races: 18th March at Henley

Result: Blondie        by 2 ½ lengths


Crew: Blondie


Bow: B. Helen Stoddart (Clare)      

2: Kerrie Bigsworth (Wolfson)

3: Christina Franklin (Selwyn)

4: Penelope Sweet (Clare)

5: Ailsa Borthwick (Girton)

6: Caroline Whalley (Selwyn)

7: Charlotte Carey (Selwyn)

Stroke: Ruth Wall (Girton)

Cox: Susan Harris (New Hall)


Spare: Anne Stebbing (Girton)

Squad coaches: T. D. Wyatt (Jesus), H. Williams (Trinity Hall), L. Poos (Trinity), P. Jones (Clare), R/P? Summers (Clare) and C Moss (CS Ladies RC)




YEAR 1978-9

President: Fiona J. Morrison  (Selwyn)

Hon. Secretary: Susan Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

Date of races: 11th March at Henley

Result: Cambridge        by 2 lengths        in 5mins 51 secs     over 2000 metres?


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Lesley K. Mayo (Sidney Sussex)

2: Ailsa Borthwick (Girton)

3: Helen M. Boutwood (Newnham)

4: Caroline B. A. Whalley (Selwyn)

5: Fiona J. Morrison (Selwyn)

6: Penelope M. Sweet (Clare)

7: Alison M. Thomas (Clare)

Stroke: Susan J. Stoughton-Harris (Newnham)

Cox: Lyn M. Goleby (Sidney Sussex)


Squad coaches: Ken Simons, Alec Clark-Kennedy (Corpus/Leander), John Gleeve, Ali Jelfs and Neil Burnet




YEAR 1978-9

Date of races: 11th March at Henley

Result: Blondie       by 1 length       over 2000 metres


Crew: Blondie


Bow:  Rosalind Smyth (Clare)

2: Rosalind Roden (New Hall)

3: Pauline Cahill (Girton)

4: Ingrid Halfyard (Girton)

5: Jayne Carr (Girton)

6: Cherith Simpson (Clare)

7: Daphne Morgan (Girton)

Stroke: Rachel Amherst (New Hall)

Cox:  Jocelyn Buxton (Clare)


Squad coaches: N. M. Jones, T. D. Wyatt, J. J. Haydn-Williams, A. J. Morris,

L. R. Poos, P. R. Summers