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Crews 1950s:

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BB = Blue Boat.

1950 - BB

1951 - BB

1952 - BB

1953 - BB

1954 - BB

1955 - BB

1956 - BB

1957 - BB

1958 - BB

1959 - BB


YEAR 1949 -50

President: Clare Wilson (Cecily McDaniel)

Captain of Newnham: Anne Sharp

Hon Secretary: ?

Date of races: November/December 1949   at Oxford

Result: Oxford by 2 lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  G. Rosalind Mellor (Newnham)

2: Edith Peters (Newnham)

3: Cecily A. McDaniel (Newnham)

4: Claudia Grigson (Girton)

5: Janet Henderson (Girton)

6: Clare Wilson (Girton)

7: Margaret (Mary) Budleigh (Girton)

Stroke: Anne F. Sharp (Newnham)

Cox: Margaret Muir (Girton)


Coach R. L. (Bob) Winter (LMBC) plus G. F. Mayall and J. McDowell




YEAR 1950-1

President:   Anne Sharp    

Captain of Girton: Claudia Grigson

Date of races: November 25th 1950   at Cambridge

Result: Oxford by 2 lengths but as timekeeper came off his bike into river no time taken according to The Star


Crew: Blue boat


Bow: Janet Aynsley (Girton)

2: Sheila White (Girton)

3: Patricia E. Thomas (Girton)

4: Josephine Shipley (Girton)

5: Cecily A. McDaniel (Newnham)

6: Claudia Grigson (Girton)

7: Margaret Budleigh (Girton)

Stroke: Dorothy Jolley (Girton)

Cox:  Margaret J. Lane (Girton)


Coaches: Pat Scott (Jesus) and  D. H. Douglas (LMBC)

Others who rowed were Christine Kelsey and Annis Heawood with Joan Garrod (cox)




YEAR 1951-2

President: Cecily McDaniel (Newnham)  

Captain of Girton: Dorothy Jolley

Hon. Secretary:  Dorothy Jolley              

Treasurer: Christine Kelsey

Date of races: December 1951  at Cambridge

Result: Oxford by ? lengths


Crew: Blue Boat  (rowing with blue oars for the first time)


Bow:  Jessie Chidlow (Girton)

2: Josephine A. Tuckwell (Newnham)          

3: Patricia Nuttall (Girton)

4: Angela Clayson (Girton)                       

5: Cecily McDaniel (Newnham)

6: Claudia Grigson (Girton)

7: Christine H. Kelsey (Girton)

Stroke: Dorothy Jolley (Girton)

Cox:  G/ Elizabeth Fairleigh/(Girton)/ Rosemary Purser






YEAR 1952-3

President:   Dorothy Jolley (Girton)                              


Date of races:                          Venue:

Result:                            by      lengths/secs

There was no race.


Crew: Blue Boat

Bow:  D. Turk (Newnham) 

2:  A. Clayson (Girton)

3:  Jessie Chidlow (Girton)

4:  G. Fairleigh (Girton)

5:  Susan B. Reed (Girton)

6:  B. Gilland (Newnham)

7:  Anne E. Hall (Newnham)

Stroke: Pat D. Searle  (Girton)                                    

Cox: A. Holloway (Girton)






YEAR 1953-4

President:   Daphne Ward? (Newnham)

Secretary: ?

There was no race against Oxford


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Ann E. Hall (Newnham)

2: Gillian Golden  (Girton)

3: Ruth Bonney (Newnham)                                                   

4: Jean Pratt                                                         

5: Joyce Warman                                                           

6: Susan Reed (Girton)

7: Daphne Ward  (Newnham)                                                 

Stroke: Pat Searle (Girton)                                            

Cox:  Margaret Ellis (Newnham)






YEAR 1954-5

President:   Susan Reed (Girton)                                   

Hon Secretary:

No race as Oxford went over the weir the day before and were banned from the river. CUWBC rowed to start and back.


Crew: Blue Boat


bow: Ruth Bonney (Newnham)                                                        

2: Josephine Bushell (Newnham)                                                    

3: Susan Reed (Girton)                                                 

Stroke: Angela Thomas (Newnham)                                      

Cox:  Margaret Ellis (Newnham)






YEAR 1955-6

President:   Ruth Bonney (Newnham) elected in summer but withdrew in Oct 1955 after which Barbara Stokoe (Newnham) was elected president.

Captain of Girton: Rosemary Green

Hon Secretary: June Dye (New Hall)      

Treasurer: Margaret Ellis (New Hall)

There was no race against Oxford.


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Jean Turnock (Newnham)

2: Brenda Bland (Girton)                             

3: Celia Matthew (Newnham)                                       

4: June Dye (New Hall)                                         

5: Angela Twyford                                               

6: Ingeborg Willberg                                                       

7: Celia Cox (Newnham)                                      

Stroke: Barbara Stokoe (Newnham)                               

Cox:  Margaret Ellis (New Hall)


Coaches:   Charles Abbey (Jesus) and Ken Walker (Christ's)




YEAR 1956-7

President: Rosemary Green (Girton)

Hon Secretary: Jean Turnock (Newnham)

Treasurer: Brenda Bland (Girton)        plus June Dye (New Hall rep)

Date of races: no race against Oxford but February 16th race against London University WBC at Cambridge

Result: London University won by 1 ½ lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Elizabeth Werry (Girton)

2: Hilary Jex (Newnham)

3: Elizabeth Leach (Girton)

4: Ann Matthews (Newnham)

5: Betty Leedham (Newnham)

6: Brenda M. Bland (Girton)

7: Jean Turnock (Newnham)

Stroke: June M. Dye (New Hall)    

Cox:  Rosemary E. Green (Girton)


Coaches: Peter Duppa-Miller (Pembroke) and David Elms (Pembroke).




YEAR 1957- 8

President:   Jean Turnock (Newnham)

Hon Secretary: Betty Leedham (Newnham)

Treasurer: Sheila Jones (Girton)     plus June Dye (New Hall rep)

No race against Oxford but race against UWRA VIIIs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Pat Armstrong (Newnham)

2: Sheila Jones (Girton)                            

3: Mary Dicker (Newnham)                                          

4: Maureen MacGlashan (Girton)                                

5: E. J. (Betty) Leedham (Newnham)                                                    

6: Ann B. D. Bailey (Newnham)                                                 

7: Jean Turnock (Newnham)                                                           

Stroke: June M. Dye (New Hall)                                            

Cox:  Rosemary Green (Girton)


Coach:  Hilary Jex




YEAR 1958-9

President:   Maureen MacGlashan (Girton)   non-rowing president

Hon Secretary: Mary Dicker (Newnham)?

Treasurer:  Pat Armstrong           plus Catherine Ellis (New Hall rep)

No race against Oxford


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Mary F. Dicker (Newnham)

2: Pat Armstrong (Newnham)

3: Margaret M. Scott (Girton)

4: Catherine M. Ellis (New Hall)

5: Jennifer M. Dines (Newnham)

6: Margaret J. Pearson (Girton)

7: Pauline Thorpe (Girton)

Stroke: Anne Gibbs (Newnham)

Cox: Jane Robinson (Newnham) 


possible spare H Jex