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1940s crews:

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BB = Blue Boat.

1941 - BB

1942 - BB

1943 - BB

1944 - BB

1945 - BB, 2nd Boat, 3rd Boat

1946 - BB

1947 - BB

1948 - BB

1949 - BB


YEAR 1940 - 41

President:   Marjorie Sweeting (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary:

Date of races: 8th March 1941        at Cambridge

Result: Oxford     by ¾ length  by 6 secs


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: V. J. Harwood (Newnham)

2: D. Mary Neal (Newnham)                                                  

3: May J. Haddock (Newnham)                                            

4: Julia R. Weatherburn (Newnham)                                                         

5: Iris W. Preston (Newnham)                                                          

6: Joyce M. Reeve (Newnham)                                                       

7: Marjorie M. Sweeting (Newnham)                                                         

Stroke: Frances M. Drake (Newnham)                                           

Cox:  Margaret C. I. Southgate (Newnham)


Coach: G. M. Trevethan   (Jesus)




YEAR 1941-2

President:   Julia R. Weatherburn (Newnham)  

Vice-President: Frances Drake (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Iris Preston (Newnham)

Treasurer: May J. Haddock (Newnham)

Date of races: 28 February 1942 at Oxford

Result: Cambridge    by 3 lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: Cecily M. Houseman (Newnham)

2: Joyce E. (Joan) Hunter (Girton) Sub for Jean Emmett

3: Patricia M. Wallis (Newnham)

4: E. R. F. Layton (Newnham)

5: Iris W. Preston (Newnham)                                                          

6: B. D. Snape (Newnham)

7: May J. Haddock (Newnham)

Stroke: Julia R. Weatherburn (Newnham)                           

Cox:  Margaret C. I. Southgate (Newnham)


Coach G. A. Hutchinson (Jesus)




YEAR 1942 - 3

President:   Jean G. Emmett (Newnham)

President of NCBC:  B.Tinker

Oxford declined to race but sent the Francombe cup so no blues could be awarded to the Cambridge crew


Crew: Blue Boat – these are possible names but we have no seat order


Bow: Doreen Greenwood (Girton)

2: Myra Bailey (Girton)

3: Julia Day (?)                        

4: Rosalynd Lyle (Girton)

5: Joan Denton   (Girton)

6: Jean Emmett  (Newnham)

7: B. Tinker   (Newnham)                                                        

Stroke:   J. Grove  (Newnham)

Cox:  V. J. Harwood (Newnham)


Coaches: Pat D. C. Hayes (Jesus)




YEAR 1943-4


Hon. Secretary:  

Date of races:    

Result: There is mention of Cambridge winning.

Cambridge rowed as combined Newnham and Girton Boat Club


Crew: Blue Boat


These are possible names but seats are unknown

Bow: Julia Day   (Girton)                      

2: Myra Bailey (Girton)                           

3: Doreen Greenwood (Girton)    

4: Rosalind Lyle   (Girton)                    

5:                                                         College:

6:                                                         College:

7:                                                         College:

Stroke:                                                College:

Cox:                                                    College:






YEAR 1944 - 5

President:   Ann E. Priestley (Girton)                            

Hon Secretary: Claudia A. Harding (Girton)

Treasurer: Joan M. Denton (Girton)

Date of races:                          Venue: Cambridge

Result: Cambridge easily (by half a course) as Oxford caught a crab


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow: Jean P. Walker (Girton)

2: Joan M. Denton (Girton)

3: Sylvia K. Sikes (Newnham)                           

4: Margaret D. Wise (Newnham)             

5: Ann E. Priestley (Girton)       

6: Myra Bailey (Girton)                                                  

7: Jeanne Heptinstall (Newnham)                                                   

Stroke: Claudia A. Harding (Girton)                                                

Cox: Rosalind B. Clark (Girton)


Coach: C. A. B. Bernstein (Jesus)




YEAR 1944 - 5

President:   Ann E. Priestley (Girton)        

Secretary: C. A. Harding (Girton)    

Treasurer: Joan M. Denton (Girton)      

Date of races:                      

Result:              Crew did not compete against Oxford


Crew: Second VIII


Bow: M. Condy (Girton)                                                

2: Margaret Mence (Newnham)                                                       

3: M. Patricia Brown (Newnham)                                                     

4: Hilary Guest (Newnham)                                                   

5: Patricia A. Brooke (Newnham)                                                    

6: Jean M. Sawyer (Newnham)                                                       

7: Doreen Greenwood (Girton)                                              

Stroke: Edna M. Skinner (Newnham)                                             

Cox:  J. Hartnell (Girton) 






YEAR 1944 - 5

President:   Ann E. Priestley (Girton)                         

Date of races:                        

Result:              Crew did not compete against Oxford


Crew: Third VIII


Bow: M.M. Johnson (Girton)                                         

2: J.M. Parkinson (Girton)                                                      

3: Margaret Snaith (Girton)                                                    

4: C. M. Mather (Girton)                                                          

5: B. Ball (Newnham)                                                    

6: M. Graham (Newnham)                                                      

7: Patricia P. Philp (Girton)                                                    

Stroke: J.K. Turner (Newnham)                                             

Cox: D. Parker (Newnham)






YEAR 1945 - 6


Hon Secretary:

Date of races:                          Venue:

Result:                   by      lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Marion H. Ebben (Girton)

2: Ann E. Godwin (Newnham)

3: D. Muriel Clarke (Girton)

4: Brenda Bray (Girton)

5: Clare Audrey  (?)                    

6: Margaret H. P. Broadbent (Girton)?

7:                                                         College:

Stroke:                                                College:

Cox: Esme M. Murray (Girton)


Coach(es) :




YEAR 1946 -7

President: Denise Kent (Girton)

Hon Secretary: Esme Murray (Girton)    

Treasurer: Marjorie Findlay

Date of races:      December 1946  at Cambridge

Result: combined Girton/Newnham crew beat Oxford by 4 ½ lengths


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Margaret Snaith (Girton)

2: Margaret J. Mence (Newnham)

3: Marion H. Ebben   (Girton)

4: Ann E. Godwin (Newnham)

5: M. Elizabeth (Betty) Charles (Girton)                     

6: Barbara Champion (Girton)             

7: Patricia P. Philp (Girton)

Stroke: Denise M. Kent (Girton)

Cox: Esme M. Murray (Girton)


Coaches: D S M Harris (Jesus) Michaelmas term plus  P. R. Q. Wood (LMBC) during Lent term




YEAR 1947 - 8

President: D. Muriel Clarke (Newnham)

Hon. Secretary: Patricia A. Cruxton (Newnham)

Date of race:    possibly 9/3/1948 in London

Result: Cambridge 


Crew: Blue Boat crew for a race in London


Bow: Patricia A. Cruxton (Newnham)

2: Wynnell M. Hunt (Girton)

3: P. Ann Hewetson (Newnham)

4: J. Rosalind Day (Newnham)

5: Marion H. Ebben (Girton)

6: D. Muriel Clarke (Newnham)

7: M. Elizabeth (Betty) Charles (Girton)

Stroke: Ann E. Godwin (Newnham)

Cox:  Esme M. Murray (Girton)


Coach: Nigel Ashworth


Also rowed: Barbara Bray (Newnham), Annis Heawood (Girton), Elizabeth Trowell (Girton)




  YEAR 1948-9

President:   Margaret H. P. Muir (Girton)

Hon. Secretary:

Date of races: December 1948 at Oxford

Result: Oxford      by 3/4 length


Crew: Blue Boat


Bow:  Patricia A. Cruxton (Newnham)

2: Anne F. Jameson (Newnham)

3: Kathleen Scholes (Newnham)    

4: Ann A. Ross (Girton)

5: Rhona H. S. Pearey (Girton)

6: Wynnell M. Hunt (Girton)

7: Clare Wilson (Girton)

Stroke: D. Muriel Clarke (Newnham)

Cox:  Margaret H. P. Muir (Girton)


Coach: J. S. M. Crick (LMBC)