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Crew Lists - crews from 1941 to the present

These lists have been compiled by the late Dr John Marks, Jane Kingsbury and Carol Williams with help from many members of CUWBC. It was John who first embarked on the ambitious project and we are grateful to him for his vision in seeing that this information would be of great value to the club and its members.  We hope that you will find them useful and accurate. However if you know that some of the material here is incorrect please do let us know by emailing Jane at and we will amend accordingly. We would also be grateful for any past programmes from the boat races as our archive is incomplete.

Crew lists by decade

Past CUWBC crews, Blue Boat, Blondie and Lightweights, are all listed here by decade. There is also additional information  about presidents, captains, spares, where and when the race was held and who coached the crews.  Click on one of the decade selectors below to obtain the data on crews for that decade:

1940s (1941-49)

1950s (1950-59)

1960s (1960-69)

1970s (1970-79)

1980s (1980-89)

1990s (1990-99)

2000s (2000-09)

2010s (2010-19)

2020s (2020-present)