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This page provides copies of past rules and constitutions of the club.  Some are scans of annotated copies of the constitutions, one at a point where changes were being considered. They reflect developments for the club and the concerns current at the time when they were written.


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First CUWBC Constitution of 1942 from the book by Iris Preston From Newnham College Boat Club to CUWBC

Laws of the Club 1976

Constitution for the organization of an annual race between the women's boat clubs of the universitites of Oxford and Cambridge 1980

Rules 1986

CUWBC Constitution from 2003

CUWBC Constitution 2003 with  amendments

The constitution was futher revised in 2012 after the announcement that the women were to take part in the Boat Race on the Tideway. Copies of that revised constitution were available by application to the executive committee.

Following the formation in August 2020 of one club, for all rowers and coxes who represent the University, the Articles of Association of the Club can now be found online under Club Documents of the CUBC at .



First CUWBC constitution 1942

cuwbc first constitution 1a

cuwbc first constitution 1b


Laws of the Club 1976

These rules were writtten 3 years after women were first admitted to some men's colleges.

CUW constitution 1976a

CUW constitution 1976b

CUW constitution 1976c

CUW constitution 1976d






Constitution for the organization of an annual race between the women's boat clubs of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge  1980

This constitution was written soon after the boat races had moved to Henley.

CUW constitution 1980a

CUW constitution 1980b





Rules 1986

At this point more women's crews were taking part in the bumping races.

CUW constitution 1986a

CUW constitution 1986b

CUW constitution 1986c

CUW constitution 1986d

CUW constitution 1986e

CUW constitution 1986f

CUW constitution 1986g

CUW constitution 1986h




CUWBC Constitution from 2003

At this point CUCBC had taken over responsibility for organising college rowing on the Cam so reference to the Bumps has been removed.


1. The Cambridge University Women's Boat Club ('the Club') shall consist of the members of the several Women's Boat Clubs in the University.


2. The officers of the Club shall be:-

A the President, whose principal tasks shall be to promote college rowing for women within the University and to produce University Women's crews to race OUWBC in annual races in eight oared boats over a 2000m course at Henley, and to run a summer rowing programme in the year that s/he is elected unless circumstances require the outgoing President to run it;

B the Vice-President, whose principal task shall be to assist the President with administrative matters; and deputise in his/her absence.

C the Lightweights' Captain, whose principal task shall be to be responsible to the President for the selection and training of a Lightweight crew to race against OUWLRC in annual races in eight-oared boats over a 2000m course at Henley;

D the Hon. Secretary, whose principal tasks shall be to arrange the meetings of the Club, to maintain the Club records and minutes, and to act as an Officer of the CUCBC in organising rowing on the Cam; who shall be bona fide members of the University in statu pupillare, elected for one year at the beginning of the Easter term, and

E the Honorary Treasurer, who shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Club, having, in particular, the power to bind the Club financially, and, in consultation with the President and any other members of the Executive Committee as may be readily available at the relevant time may take such financial action as is deemed expedient for the good order of the Club; who shall be a graduate of the University resident in Cambridge.


3. The officers of the Club be elected in a manner as close as possible to that laid out below:-

A the offices of President and Vice-President shall be contested by any member of a University Women's crew or named spare who would be a bona fide member of the University in statu pupillare in the academic year in which they would take up office;

B the office of Lightweights' Captain shall be contested by any member of a Lightweight Women's crew or named spare who would be a bona fide member of the University in statu pupillare in the academic year in which they would take up office;

C the office of Hon. Secretary shall be contested by any member of a Women's Boat Club in the University;

D the office of Hon. Treasurer shall normally be contested by any graduate of Cambridge University resident in Cambridge. The exec committee may recommend a candidate for Hon. Treasurer to the club. In the event that members of the club propose an alternative candidate an election will be held.

4. The election of the Officers shall take place at a Club meeting normally in the first 3 weeks of full term.

5. The names of the candidates for office in the Club shall be sent to the outgoing Hon. Secretary no less than 3 days before the meeting for him/her to circulate to those entitled to vote at the club elections at least 2 days before the meeting. Candidates shall be nominated and seconded by members of the Club who are entitled to vote for that post.

6. Only members of the University Women's crews and spares still in residence and statu pupillare shall be entitled to vote in the election of the Club Officers, with the exception of the Hon. Secretary, in which case each College Women's Boat Club Captain shall also have one vote in his/her capacity as a Captain.

7. If there are 2 candidates for a post, election will be by simple majority. If there are more than 2, a candidate is required to poll more than 50% of the votes cast. Rounds of voting may be used to eliminate the candidate polling the lowest number of votes in each round until this majority is achieved. If there is a tie, the outgoing President may exercise a casting vote. Votes by proxy shall be acceptable if given in writing to the President or Hon. Secretary by midnight of the day before the meeting. The President shall appoint and independent observer to oversee voting.


8. Club Meetings shall be called by the President as often as business may require. The Hon. Secretary shall give at least 7 days' notice thereof to every member entitled to attend such meetings. Club meetings may also be called by any 5 voting members.

9. The CUCBC Chairman and CUBC and CULRC Presidents shall be sent copies of all information sent out to College Women's Boat Club Captains and shall be invited to attend Club Meetings, as shall any other advisors at the discretion of the Club Officers.

10. Any person intending to bring forward an item for discussion at a Club Meeting shall, at least 3 days before the meeting at which s/he wished to bring it forwards, send a copy thereof to the Hon. Secretary so that an agenda may be circulated 2 days in advance to those entitled to attend that meeting.

11. Those entitled to vote at any Club Meeting consist of: the Officers; members of University Women's Crews and spares still in residence and statu pupillare; all current College Women's Boat Club Captains; members of the Executive Committee; and the Presidents of the CUBC and CULRC, each of whom shall have one vote (except in the election of the Club Officers as dealt with above). Other interested parties may attend with the permission of the President.

12. The President shall chair Club Meetings. In his/her absence the Vice-President or Hon. Treasurer shall deputize.

13. The Hon. Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all business transacted at Club Meetings, to be read and confirmed at the beginning of the following meeting and to be passed on to his/her successor.

14. The President shall, insofar as is possible, attend the meetings of the CUBC, and use her/his vote to reflect the views of the Club.


15. There shall be an Executive Committee to support the Officers in the running of the Club by devising and implementing arrangements, including the generation of external revenue; promotion of the Club; long term strategy; liaison with CUWBCA, calculated to secure consistent success for the Club. The Executive Committee shall comprise:-

A the Officers, who shall be responsible for communicating information and opinions between members of the Club and the Exec. Committee;

B Such other individuals as may be appointed by the President in consultation with the Hon.Treasurer.

C Those interested in becoming such a member of the Exec. Committee shall contact the President or Hon. Treasurer.

D The roles of each individual shall be agreed upon by the members of the Exec. Committee.

E Members of the Executive (except Officers) shall serve for a three year term and shall be eligible for reappointment thereafter for subsequent periods of three years.

16. The Executive Committee shall meet four times a year. It shall co-opt the Head Coach/es and other advisors, once appointed, to join it for any specified purpose & period.

17. The members of the Executive shall form such sub-committees as they deem appropriate for the efficient management of club business. These sub-committees shall report as necessary at meetings of the full Executive.

18. Any member or co-opted member of the Executive Committee may bring forward an item for discussion at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

19. The Exec. Committee shall advise the President, whose decisions with respect to the Club and the appointment of coaches shall be final.


20. The estimates for the year shall be brought before the Executive Committee for approval. No Officer, other member of the Club, or professional or voluntary coach shall be allowed to involve the Club in any expense exceeding £50 not provided for in the estimates without the consent of the Hon. Treasurer. Any Person who incurs unauthorized expenditure on behalf of the Club may be personally responsible for its settlement.

21. All monies due to the Club be paid to the Hon. Treasurer unless otherwise specified, and that s/he keep account of all sums received and be responsible for all authorized payments made on behalf of the Club. The accounts for each year shall be presented to the voting members of the Club at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term.


22. The University Crews shall be selected during trials beginning in the Michaelmas Term.

23. Those taking part in these trials pay a fee to the Club to cover costs, and that the amount of this fee be agreed and announced by the Exec. Committee at the start of Michaelmas Term.

24. That those rowing in or steering University or Trials crews be forbidden to compete except in University crews until such time as they are released by the CUWBC back to their College, although under exceptional circumstances permission may be granted by the President.


25. Each member of the three crews selected to row for the Club shall pay a subscription towards the cost of preparation for the race against Oxford as shall be agreed and announced by the Exec. Committee.


26. The weight eligibility for a Lightweight crew shall be that agreed between the Club and OUWLRC.


27. Blues be awarded to the CUWBC Blue Boat who race against the OUWBC Blue Boat in the Henley Boat Races.

28. Half Blues be awarded to the CUWBC Lightweight crew who race against the OULRC Women's crew in the Henley Boat Races.

29. Blondie colours be awarded to the CUWBC Blondie crew who race against the OUWBC Osiris crew in the Henley Boat Races.

30. If it is the opinion of the coaches and the President, in consultation with the Lightweights' Captain, that the Lightweight crew is of an exceptional standard, and if it is passed at a meeting of the University crews and subsequently at a meeting of the CUWBC Captains, the President may apply to the Women's Blues Committee for nine discretionary full Blues to be awarded to that Lightweight crew following their race against the OUWLRC crew.


31. That amendments and additions to this Constitution and the Rules of the Club may be made by means of a majority decision at a properly convened Club Meeting, except that no amendment to any of Items 1-31 inclusive of the Constitution shall be valid without the prior written approval of the Hon. Treasurer, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.


32. Crews or individuals shall not boat or row with their college club between the Fish & Duck Marina and the Adelaide Course, except with the express permission of the President.



CUWBC Constitution 2003 with amendments

The club was responding after there had been an accident between two crews at Ely.


CUW constitution

CUW constitution 2

CUW constitution 3