Cambridge University Women's Boat Club 1941 - 2014

The Struggle against Inequality

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This website contains significant material which it was not feasible to include in the book:
  Cambridge University Women's Boat Club 1941 - 2014: The struggle against inequality  
by Jane Kingsbury and Carol Williams.

The book can be ordered directly from the authors by clicking here or on the first 'crew member' or oar below.

Each subsequent 'crew member' or oar deals with a different aspect of women's rowing at Cambridge University, the final one being a list which we have compiled, with Dr John Marks, of all the oarswomen who have rowed for CUWBC since 1941. Of necessity this list of crew members is not complete and we accept that at times it may not be accurate. If you can give us further information to improve this section we will be very grateful. Please let us know by sending an email to

Although the above book covers the Club until 2014, we have endeavoured to keep the crew lists up-to-date. Hence readers should note that in August 2020 the CUWBC and the Men's and Women's Lightweight Clubs combined with CUBC (the original men's Boat Club of Cambridge University) to form one club under the name Cambridge University Boat Club for all rowers and coxes who represent the University. The titles of the crews from 2021 onwards have been changed to reflect this.

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